Product Name : Honing Machine
Product Introduction

Vertical honing machines are specialized machine tools used for precision grinding of internal diameters. These precision honing machines are equipped with highly precise operating and control systems, allowing for high-precision machining of the workpiece's internal diameter, resulting in excellent surface smoothness and dimensional accuracy. Microdrilling precision vertical honing machines offer great deep hole capabilities and provide excellent operability. Their vertical dual-column structure design ensures the rigidity and stability of the honing machine.

Microdrilling Precision Vertical Deep Hole Honing Machine

Precision Deep Hole Honing Machine

Microdrilling vertical honing machines can be used for hydraulic cylinders, barrels for plastic injection machines, cylinders for vessels, and special-purpose applications. The easily-operation vertical double column deep hole honing machine and max. depth up to 6000mm

Applications of Microdrilling Precision Deep Hole Honing Machine

SpecificationModel No.HS-2000G-HS-6000HS-1000-2-HS-4000-2SVS-1000~VS-2000
Honing Capacity Hole dia Ø25~Ø300mm Ø14~Ø70mm
Max. depth (Z) 2000~6000mm 1000~4000mm 1000~2000mm
No. of spindle 1 spindle 2 spindle 1 spindle
Power Spindle Hydraulic motor 20~30 HP x 4P 10~20 HP (Servo Motor)
Coolant pump motor 1 HP
Spindle Speed Max. spindle speed 25~125 rpm 25~200 rpm 50~400 rpm
Worktable Table size 850 x 850mm 1050 x 1060mm 850 x 850mm
Worktable longitudinal traverse 700mm 900mm 500mm
Operate stand Vertical traverse 1000~5500mm 1000~2000mm
Machine base Over high 5000~14000mm 2500~4500mm
Width of column 1500~1960mm 2000~2500mm  
Coolant cooler Water cooler 300~600 300~600
Controller PLC PLC