Product Name : XT-1500/1800(CNC) Gundrilling Machine
Product Introduction

XT-1500/1800 CNC Gun Drilling Equipment

The XT-1500/1800 (CNC) gun drilling equipment features a column-type design with CNC control, allowing the option to choose brands like FANUC or MITSUBISHI according to specific requirements. Microdrilling's gun drilling equipment is specifically designed for drilling water lines and ejector pin holes in large injection molds. The machine's spindle is supported by angular contact bearings and achieves full lubrication throughout the running components of the main unit. The robust honeycomb-shaped column structure ensures a stable cutting environment.

Type: Bed Type Deep Hole Drilling Machine


  • The column-type deep hole drilling machine with CNC control is designed for drilling waterlines and ejector pin holes of large-type injection molds.
  • The spindle is supported by angular contact bearings well-lubricated to all running points in the head.
  • The rigid honeycomb walled column gives a stable cutting condition. FC-32 castings have been stress-relieved and annealed.
  • Hardened and ground double V-ways for worktable X-axis main slide to hardness HRC 60. The opposite ways and gibs are all Turcite-B plated with hand-scraped bearing surfaces.
  • A huge wide and long worktable allows heavy work pieces. An extra wide saddle gives a much heavier loading capacity.
  • An automatic lubrication pump is provided as a standard accessory to ensure all the bearing surfaces and screws are well-lubricated.
  • Spindle feed Z-axis and A-axis, feature P-grade linear motion guideway and provides stable cutting capacity.
  • CNC could be selected with Fanuc or Mitsubishi brands.
  • CE marks are available for special requirements.
SpecificationModel No.XT-1500 CNCXT-1800 CNC
Drill Capacity Hole dia Ø3~Ø25mm
Max. depth (Z) 1500mm 1500mm
Power Spindle motor 7.5KW
Worktable horizontal (X) 3.3KW
Drill spindle Vertical (Y) 3.3KW
Drill spindle feed (Z) 2.1KW
High pressure motor 7.5KW
Speed Max. spindle speed rpm
Drill Speed mm / min
Rapid 500 mm / min
Worktable Max. loading capacity 7,000KGS
Table size 1800*1200 mm 2200*1200mm
Stroke of worktable vertical(X) 1500 mm
Stroke of worktable vertical(Y) 900 mm 1000mm
High pressure pump Pump output 54 ~ 90 Liter / min
Max. pressure 105 kgs / cm
Coolant tank 1200 Liter
Controller Type SIEMENS 802D
Controlled axes X,Y,Z -3 axes
Min. setting unit 0.001 mm
Floor space 6000*4700 mm 6000*5000 mm
Net weight 20,000 kgs 21,000 kgs
Standard accessories
  1. High pressure coolant pump
  2. Automatic lubricator
  3. Toolbox with tools
Optional accessories
  1. Magnetic separator + Paper filter unit
  2. Chip conveyor
  3. Coolant cooler
  4. Gundrill grinder
  5. Special clamping fixture for special purpose
  6. Semi-enclosed splash guard