Product Name : XL-250A / 500A(CNC) Gundrilling Machine
Product Introduction

Microdrilling XL-250/500A(CNC) Drill Gun Machines

The XL-A type drill gun machines are ideal choices designed specifically for the production of small-diameter and deep hole drilling parts, shafts, and core rods. These CNC deep hole drilling machines feature a uniquely designed spindle with a maximum speed of 10,000rpm to 15,000rpm, providing extremely low noise and vibration, creating a quieter and more stable working environment. To provide a better performance, we have specially designed vibration dampeners that allow for the use of shorter drill bits, effectively preventing drilling from causing bending. With the advanced technology of our CNC deep hole drilling machine, you can easily adjust various parameters to achieve higher precision and quality in your drilling process.

XL Type: Gundrill and workpiece counter rotation
Small diameter only


  • XL-A type drill gun machines are suitable for the production of small diameter & deep hole drilling components, shafts & mandrels.
  • The specially designed and direct spindle produces low noise and vibration.
  • Specially designed vibratory dampers (PAT. M444890-Taiwan & ZL200920168114.2-China ) support the gun drills which allow it to use a shorter length of gun drills and prevent curving of drilling holes.
  • Suspending type of operation panel and MPG(Hand wheel) for easier setting and operation
  • An automatic lubrication pump is provided as a standard accessory to ensure all the bearing surfaces and screws are well-lubricated.
  • CE packages are available for special requirements.
SpecificationModel No.XL-250AXL-500A
Drill Capacity Hole dia Ø2~Ø8 mm Ø2~Ø12 mm
Max. depth (Z) 250 mm 500 mm
No. of spindle 1 spindles
Power Spindle motor 1.5kw (with inverter) 4.0kw (with inverter)
Drill spindle feed (Z) Servo motor 850~1300W / 5.39~8.34 N.M..
High pressure motor 5 HP 30ℓ / min,120kg/cm², 5HP
Speed Max. spindle speed 15000 rpm 12000 rpm
Drill Speed 0~ 250 mm / min
Rapid 4000 mm / min
Ball screw for feeds Spindle infeed(Z) Ø25 x P10 Ø25 x P10
High pressure pump
(Every spindle one set)
Pump output 10 ℓ ~40 Liter/ min 20 ℓ ~60 Liter/ min
Max. pressure 70~150 kgs/cm² 70~120 kgs/cm²
Coolant tank 400 Liter 500 Liter
Floor space 800 x 1500mm 1200 x2000mm
Net weight 950 kgs 2000kgs