Product Name : XT-600 / 1000(CNC) Gundrilling Machine
Product Introduction

Gun Drilling Machine XT-600 / 1000 (CNC)

The XT deep hole gun drilling machines feature a sturdy bed-type structure design for both its worktable and machine base. Compared to knee-type machines, the worktable of Microdrilling’s XT model deep hole gun drilling machine can withstand three times the weight. This ensures precise positioning accuracy and drilling process accuracy even during full-speed operation or large-scale production. Additionally, Microdrilling offers a variety of controller brands to choose from, including Fanuc, Mitsubishi, or Syntec CNC controllers. Our deep hole gun drilling machines come standard with an automatic lubrication pump and oil injection reminder function, ensuring sufficient lubrication for all bearing surfaces and screws.

XT-600/1000 CNC /Drilling capacity and Max. depth of drilling: Ø 3~25mm × 600~1000mm


Optional Accessories

  • The following brands of controllers can be chosen for bed-type deep hole drilling machines: Fanuc, Mitsubishi, or Syntec CNC controls.
  • The worktable and machine base of the gun drilling machine is designed to come with bed-type installation. Its worktable can bear three times the weight that can be born by the worktable of the knee type of machine, ensuring its positioning accuracy during its movement or its drilling process when the machine is in full operation or mass production. It is suitable for chilling small plastic molds, glass extrusion molds, heat exchangers, water cooling holes, workpieces with off-center holes, and PCD deep hole drilling.
  • An automatic lubrication pump is provided as a standard accessory to ensure all the bearing surfaces and screws are well-lubricated.
  • To ensure accuracy in drilling, X, Y, and Z axes are equipped with precision ball screws.
SpecificationModel No.XT-600XT-1000
Drill Capacity Hole dia Ø3~Ø25mm
Max. depth (Z) 600mm 1000mm
Power Spindle motor 7.5KW
Worktable horizontal (X) 2.9KW
Worktable Vertical (Y) 2.9KW
Drill spindle feed (Z) 2.9KW
Coolant pump motor 7.5HP+5HP
Speed Max. spindle speed 6000 rpm
Drill Speed 10~150 mm / min
Rapid 5000 mm / min
Ball screw for feeds Spindle infeed(z) Ø40xP10xC3
Worktable Max. loading capacity 2,000kgs
Table size 600x900 mm
Stroke of worktable horizontal 600mm
Stroke of Vertical axis(Y) 600mm
Coolant pump Pump output Max.40 Liters/Min
Max. pressure Max.110kgs/㎝
Coolant tank 800 Liter
Controller Type Fanuc /Mitsubishi/Syntec
Controlled axes X,Y,Z & Spindle
Min. setting unit 0.001mm
Interface RS232
Floor space 3900X4200mm
Net weight 5000 kgs 6000kgs