Product Name : XL/XLY-500/1000/1500(CNC/NC)Gundrilling Machine
Product Introduction

Gundrilling Machine XL/XLY-500/1000(CNC)

XL and XLY drill gun machines are designed for the production of small and medium-sized parts such as shafts and core rods. They utilize servo motors and ball screws as the feeding mechanism, allowing for easy adjustment of the feed speed to provide precise and efficient drilling processes.

XL and XLY model drill gun machines can be designed with 1 to 4 main spindles and can be controlled by Fanuc or Mitsubishi CNC controllers to meet specific requirements.

XL/XLY Type: Gundrill and workpiece counter rotations


  • XL & XLY type machines are suitable for the production of small & medium components shafts, mandrels
  • Servo motor and Ball screw are used for the feed mechanism to insure smooth and convenient for feed rate adjust.
  • Hardened and ground Main slide ways to hardness HRC 60. The opposite ways and gibs are all Turcite-B plated with hand scraped bearing surface
  • Suspending type operate panel and MPG(Hand wheel) for easier setting and operation.
  • Automatic lubrication pump is provided as standard accessory to ensure all the bearing surface and screws are well lubricated.
  • Chip box/work piece clamping device of XLY type with driven motor and hydraulic tailstock.
  • XLY type could be designed and equipped with auto-loading & unloading device
    The machine could be designed to 1~4 spindles and controlled by Fanuc or Mitsubishi CNC controller for special purpose.
  • The machine could be controlled by CNC or commentional model with PLC&man-machine interface.
  • CE mark are available for special required.
SpecificationModel No.XL/XLY-500 (CNC/NC)XL/XLY-1000 (CNC/NC)XL/XLY-1500 (CNC/NC)
Drill Capacity Hole dia Ø3~Ø12 mm , Ø10~Ø25 mm (Option)
Max. depth (Z) 500 mm 1000 mm 1500 mm
No. of spindle 1~4 spindles
Power Spindle motor 3~5 HP (with inverter)
Drill spindle feed (Z) Servo motor 850~1300W / 5.39~8.34 N.M..
High pressure motor 3~7.5 HP
Speed Max. spindle speed 6000 rpm
Drill Speed 10~ 150 mm / min
Rapid 5000 mm / min
Ball screw for feeds Spindle infeed(Z) Ø40 x P10 x C3
High pressure pump
(Every spindle one set)
Pump output 40~150 Liter / min
Max. pressure 100~150 kgs / cm²
Coolant tank 800~1600 Liter
Floor space 3000 x 3300 mm 3000 x 4300 mm 3000 x 5300 mm
Net weight 2100 kgs 2600 kgs 3100 kgs
Standard accessories
  1. High pressure coolant pump
  2. Automatic lubricator
  3. Tool box with tools
Optional accessories
  1. Magnetic separator + Paper filter unit
  2. Chip conveyor
  3. Coolant cooler
  4. Gundrill grinder
  5. Special clamping fixture for special purpose
  6. Special designed auto-loading & unloading device
  7. CE Certificate