Product Name : BTA Deep Hole Drilling Machine
Product Introduction

BTA deep hole drilling machines are specialized machines designed for large-diameter deep hole drilling and deep hole machining. BTA machines can create extremely deep and precise holes in a wide range of materials. Microdrilling BTA deep hole drilling machines integrate advanced technologies, including tool support, coolant pressure, and machine power, to precisely and efficiently handle deep hole drilling applications.

The BTA deep hole drilling machine series offers two options: the WR type and the TR type. The configuration is usually based on the size and shape of the workpiece, desired production rate, and accuracy specifications. During the drilling process, the chips are flushed out through the center of the BTA tool and then discharged through the drill tube and machine spindle, eliminating the need for interrupted feed or segmented drilling to remove chips. This greatly improves production efficiency.

Microdrilling WR-120 X 3000 Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Model: WR-120 x 3000 (Workpiece rotation)

Microdrilling TR-80 X 1800 Deep Hole Drill Machine

Model: TR-80 x 1800 (Drill head rotation)

Introduction of Microdrilling BTA Deep Hole Drill Machine

Special Accessories

Options of Microdrilling Deep Hole Drilling Machine

  • Machines utilizing the BTA Deep Hole Drilling System for solid deep hole boring 30 – 200mm in diameter.
  • Deep hole drilling machine's drilling depths up to 5000mm.
  • Coolant filtration to 30 microns.
  • The rigid honeycomb walled Bed gives a stable cutting condition. FC-32 castings have been stress relived and annealed.
  • Hardened and ground ways to hardness HRC 60. The opposite ways and gibs are all Turcite-B plated with hand-scraped bearing surfaces.
  • An automatic lubrication pump is provided as a standard accessory to ensure all the bearing surfaces and screws are well-lubricated.
  • All box-way design provides rigidity for heavy cutting.
  • Type WR is the workpiece rotation. TR is the drilling head rotation, the workpiece is fixed on the fixture.
  • CE marks are available for special requirements.
SpecificationModel No.TR-80TR-120WR-80WR-120WR-200
Drill Capacity Hole dia Ø30~Ø80mm Ø30~Ø120mm Ø30~Ø80mm Ø30~Ø120mm Ø30~Ø200mm
Max. depth (Z) 1000/2000
Power Spindle motor 50 kw with Inverter 75 kw with
30 kw with
50 kw with
75 kw with
Drill spindle feed (Z) Servo motor 850~1300W / 5.39~8.34 N.M.. 4.0 kw 7.0 kw 11.0 kw
High pressure pump motor -
Speed Max. spindle speed 150~1500 rpm 120~1200 rpm 150~1500 rpm 150~1500 rpm 120~1200 rpm
Drill Speed 1~200 mm/min
Rapid 4000 mm/min
Ball screw for feeds Z-Axis Ø63 x P10 Ø80 x P10 Ø63 x P10 x C5 Ø80 x P10 x C5
Swing over bed 500 mm 770 mm 500 mm 770 mm
High pressure pump
(Every spindle one set)
Pump output 350 Liter/ min 1000 Liter/ min 350 Liter/ min 750 Liter/ min 1000 Liter/ min
Max. pressure 25 kgs/cm2
Coolant tank 1600 L 4500 L 1600 L 4500 L 6000 L
Floor space  -
Standard accessories
  1. Heat exchanger for spindle head bearing circular oil.
  2. Chip conveyor + Paper filter (500L) unit with coolant tank
  3. Pressure head for drill dia. Ø30~Ø120mm
  4. 3-points work Rest Ø25~Ø 280 x 1 set
  5. Drill tube vibration damper and rest x 1 set
Optional accessories Coolant tower Model:
  1. Pressure head for Dia. 100~200mm
  2. 2-points workrest Ø140 ~ Ø 400
  3. 3-points workrest Ø25 ~ Ø80
  4. Heavy duty roller type workrestØ260 ~ Ø530
  5. Spare parts for pressure heads of different sizes
  6. Exchanging spare parts for different drilling sizes